MacRobert & Canals was born with the intention of producing wines of the highest quality in Rioja. Artisanal wines paying special attention to
the land and the vineyards to get the best of what they can offer in the bottle. We are aware of the connection between
purity in a wine glass and hard work in the vineyard.


Our Cellar is situated in the capital of La Rioja and in the centre of the D.O.Ca. Rioja in the town of Logroño. A town that hugs both banks of the River Ebro and is well known for its two tapas streets Laurel and San Juan. Our cellar is small designed to produce quality wines and is easy to manage.  We have small tanks that allow us to work with each vineyard separately and all our tanks have cooling and heating that helps to control each ferment individually and strive for the best quality. We have a small cold room that helps with the harvest planning allowing us to pick when we feel is the best moment for each vineyard. We pick all our grapes by hand in small crates where they are transported to the cellar and sorted by hand over a sorting table before being de-stemmed or crushed and hoisted to their respective tanks with gravity.

We work with small vineyard plots that are most often old vines between 40 to 90 years old. We work our vineyards by hand, we harvest by hand and we focus on soil and plant health in each plot. We know that the quality of the wine we make depends on the quality of our vineyards and the grapes they produce. Rioja is a region that can produce exceptional quality fruit and we spare no cost in growing only the best quality fruit. Having the cellar in the centre of the wine region allows us to search the whole region for only the best quality grapes and we transmit the diversity and rich cultural heritage of the region through working with the small plots of vineyards from the whole region.




WINES D.O.Ca Rioja: LANAVE. Wine made from old vines of villages of the three subzones of the D.O Ca Rioja. SIERRA WINES: LAVENTURA. Wines made from vineyards that are on the slopes of the mountain ranges that border the D.O.Ca Rioja – Vineyards planted above 500m. SINGLE VINEYARD WINES (Grand Cru): BARRANCO DEL SAN GINÉS. Special Singular vineyards in the D.O.Ca of Rioja that have agricultural, geological and climatic characteristics that differentiate them from other vineyards in the region. In such a way that they produce high quality wines with personality and singular characteristics.


LA NAVE is made from old vines from selected villages that span the three sub regions of the D.O.Ca Rioja: Rioja Alta, Rioja Oriental and Rioja Alavesa. A traditional blend of vineyards and varieties that has led to some of the most iconic wines in Rioja, expressing the diversity of Rioja.


LAVENTURA MALVASÍA is made from the grape Malvasia, from vineyards in Leza planted above 580m high that hug the Sierra Cantabria in Rioja Alavesa. The cool climate preserves the acidity and promotes later ripening to allow the grapes to reach their full phenolic maturity. It is a skin contact white wine that it is aged in a cement egg.


LAVENTURA VIURA is made from vineyards above 500m from the town of Villabuena, south western slopes of the Sierra Cantabria. Vineyards are exposed to a cooling breeze from the North and soft sun shine that helps to ripen the grapes slowly retaining the tension in the wine.  Limestone soils, desired for white wines. The wine is aged in large wooden vats. It is a fresh refined example of the grape Viura.


LAVENTURA GARNACHA is made from Grenache vineyards in Tudelilla above 580m planted on the south eastern slope of the Sierra La Hez in Rioja Oriental.  The Mediterranean climate that helps to ripen the Grenache combined with the altitude and the well-drained rocky soils help to make a complex yet refined Grenache. The wine is aged in large wood barrels to preserve all the fruit.


LAVENTURA TEMPRANILLO is made from vineyards in Laguardia in Rioja Alavesa above 520m  on the Southern slopes of the Sierra Cantabria The cooler Atlantic climate from the North combines with the warmer Mediterranean climate from the South creating the ideal conditions for red wines. Tempranillo grapes ripen easily and retain good acidity and freshness due to the limestone soils. Aged in big barrels that preserves the fruit aromas of the Tempranillo.


BARRANCO DEL SAN GINÉS, vino procedente de un viñedo singular, de 1,3 hectáreas plantado en 1935. Con 28 árboles frutales, 2 guardaviñas de piedra y cultivado en terrazas, el viñedo es un claro reflejo de cómo se cultivaba las uvas en Rioja en el pasado. Viñas cultivadas en 4 terrazas entre los  520 y 600 m, con pendiente sur-este a los pies de la Sierra de Cantabria, entre Laguardia y Elvillar con 5000 cepas por hectárea. Como tradicionalmente, se trabaja a mano y con mulas. El vino se cría durante dos años en barrica y  uno  en botella. Vino icónico que refleja su origen y expresa la historia e identidad de Rioja.

Barranco del San Ginés 201575€
Laventura Viura 201818,50€
Laventura Malvasía 2018
Laventura Tempranillo 201718,50€
Laventura Garnacha 201818,50€
La Nave 201812,50€

Winemaker – Bryan MacRobert

(+34) 639 214 250


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