Tudelilla, La RiojaSingular, unique and diverse

MacRobert & Canals is a small family-owned winery that was established through the integration of Bryan MacRobert, a South African oenologist, into the Canals family, who have been living in Rioja for over forty years. Its aim is to produce different wines of special quality within the D.O.Ca. of Rioja, which show the diversity of soils, vineyards and climates that exist within it, working both on the land and in the winery with deep respect for the environment.

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Our wines
Botella La Nave MacRobert and Canals

La Nave

Botella Malvasia MacRobert and Canals

Laventura Malvasía

Botella Viura MacRobert and Canals

Laventura Viura

Botella Garnacha MacRobert and Canals

Laventura Garnacha

Botella Tempranillo MacRobert and Canals

Laventura Tempranillo

Botella Barranco del San Ginés MacRobert and Canals

Barranco del San Ginés


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Biodiversidad en la tierra del Rioja
la tierra del rioja

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