“If we cannot buy a Chateau in Bordeaux, or inherit land in Burgundy, the only thing left to do is to prove that it is possible to make a Rioja as good as the best wines from there”.

One of the main objectives of our project is to be able to make all of our wines in our own winery. We have not been able to find an already built cellar that we felt was suitable, nor any land for its construction that would satisfy us. Unlike other countries, in Spain wineries are not included among the agricultural activities, but rather industrial, which implies the need to find suitable land (industrial) and, in addition, an undesirable and expensive chain of bureaucracy of all kinds.

So, as a temporary solution, we chose to fit out una nave (a warehouse) – the name by which an empty industrial pavilion is known in Spanish – which had been bought some time ago and which served as a file archive, a storage room for our own and other people’s furniture, and even as a workshop for inspired artists of limited means. In short, the quintessence of the garage cellar or, better still, of the workshop cellar, given its clear functionality. Perhaps it could be defined as an artisenal/botique wine cellar.

Our winery is located in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja and the centre of the D.O.Ca Rioja. Installed in an industrial building of about 300 square meters in which we can produce, bottle and age all our wines with the proximity and craftsmanship that every winemaker aspires. It is equipped with all the means and tools necessary to make high quality wines.

We have a reception area with sorting tables, a cold storage room for when we are interested in preserving temperature of the grapes, a winemaking area with stainless steel and cement tanks, one of which has a very special ovoid shape for white wines, a refrigerated ageing area with oak barrels of different sizes that allow us to age each vineyard separately, our own bottling and labelling area and the possibility to work with gravity without pumps in the cellar.