Here we have portrayed the three generations, all of who, even the youngest, contribute to the project.

Here are portrayed the three generations.

The first is formed by Fernando Canals and Concha Sotillo. Fernando deals with legal matters that are difficult and unnecessary to explain. There was a time when he devoted himself to writing thoughtful and incomprehensible books about mortgages. He still has the nostalgia of the failed writer and finds relief in writing texts for the cellar. Concha, as well as being a Hispanic philologist and, therefore, a resource centre, she is a true “mamma”, in the most Italian sense of the word: she looks after us and prepares the lunchboxes in times of the grape harvest, as is typical of this endangered species.

The second is formed by Bryan and Clara. Bryan is the oenologist and viticulturist and the soul of the project. Clara is also an oenologist, but she stays away from the project because she works for another winery. However, she is one of our most rigorous tasters.

And, on the other hand, Fernando and Maria. Maria is our graphic designer, she takes care of our digital marketing and image.

Fernando is a tax advisor, which is a great relief because he brings a point of sanity to our passion and gives us a hand in the bureaucracy and the accounts.

And the last generation is that of the little ones, the future of the project. On the one hand, Clara and Bryan’s daughter, an authentic Olivia MacRobert Canals, who at the age of two and a few months has already developed a strong personality, surely the result of the genetic diversity of the two hemispheres. The other two, Guillermo and Mateo (William and Mathew), who resemble the characters of the famous Zipi and Zape of the TBOs (comics) of post-war Spain.